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Yandex games On the planet of gambling, you can find all sorts of various styles and subgenres to choose from. Though some are easy to pick up and enjoy for some moments just to destroy time, the others need significant devotion to get excellent at.

When browsing a huge catalog of games, searching for something specific might feel like an undertaking: this is exactly why we don’t just stay glued to preset type labels but additionally include subgenre tickets to every game. Let’s explore probably the most precious styles among players on Yandex Games , our HTML5 game distribution platform.

Top-5 Genres

They’re the styles that establish contemporary visitor gambling and see probably the most traffic, according to our analytics.

Bubble shooting games first turned popular in the first 2000s, and they’ve extended to be the utter king of portable and visitor gambling yandex games ever since. There are lots of variations within the type, but the fundamental idea remains the exact same: obvious the screen by firing all of the pockets before they achieve underneath of the area or the conclusion of the track.

In this incredibly predominant type of informal games, which rates 2nd inside our catalog, the player should match three or more identical goods on a grid. Match-3 gameplay mechanics tend to be very easy and are easy to pick up and enjoy, creating them perfect timekillers.

Despite their simple gameplay, Match-3 games may be very addictive and challenging. Players should carefully strategy their yandex games movements to generate the best combinations and obtain the best report possible. Some Match-3 games also include power-ups and unique goods that will support the player obvious the table more quickly.

A broad type which includes beat-em-ups, photographers of a variety, fighting games, and more. There are lots of action titles to select from, and new kinds are produced daily.

Once you feel like blowing down some steam, an activity game is a perfect way to invest your time. You can find all sorts of action games inside our catalog but be warned: many of them are very extreme!

Arcade games first turned popular in the 1970s. They frequently included brilliant, colorful design and noisy sound files, getting players of ages. . With the introduction yandex games of home computer game consoles in the 1980s, arcade games missing some of these popularity, simply to re-emerge decades later to master once again in portable and visitor gaming.

The following game styles deserve an professional note: they are also hugely popular and are continually approaching the very best areas on Yandex Games. Let’s take a peek at each of them, in no specific obtain!

.io Games

In only a few years, .io games have gained around countless players worldwide. It’s a relatively small type of free-to-play multiplayer games that stresses simplicity and speed.

The yandex games mantra of .io games is maintaining game mechanics and the overall idea very easy, combined with standard design and an capability to enjoy hugely multiplayer games at the click of a mouse (or the finger’s touch!). Still another defining characteristic of .io games is that they are highly aggressive: they could be simple to learn but tend to be hard to master.


Platform games job the player with guiding a figure through some obstacles, frequently by getting from system to another Yandex Games has a great choice of platformers to select from, therefore prepare to leap and work your method to victory!


We love games! If any such thing, they are the creativity behind contemporary gambling as a whole. So that it only makes sense that individuals could wish to enjoy them online. Mix your units, prepare the chess parts, and make to roll the dice inside our number of grappling tabletop games, accessible through any contemporary browser.


chnique games, players require to focus on planning and execution. Many technique games also function components of resource management: for a better yandex games chance at earning, you’ve to really make the appropriate utilization of resources, build up your causes, and carefully consider each move.

Role-Playing Games

Yandex Games is a superb place to get all sorts of RPG games. Whether you’re buying standard knowledge with participating lore or something more action-packed, you’re sure to get something to accommodate your taste. Plus, new games are included all the time, therefore there’s generally something fresh to try. So why don’t you jump in and explore our catalog for a quick adventure?

There are lots of more game styles that you’ll find on Yandex Games : although some are more popular than the others, all of them have focused fans. Whether you’re a casino game developer with years of knowledge or simply a newcomer who’s just embarked with this journey, we delightful you to submit your games on our platform.


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