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Sonos ConnectAmp review Sonos ConnectAmp

The Sonos Connect Amp is an excellent streaming- audio product for sound- quality sticklers who prefer to supply their own speakers.

At the launch of 2012, rumors started spreading that Google was readying a home theater device to compete the likes of the Apple television and the Sonos system. But when that fabulous critter turned out to be the Nexus Q, it was hard to swallow our collaborative disappointment.


The Sonos ConnectAmp is an excellent each- by- one digital music system that offers superb sound quality. It gives you access to nearly any pall music service( Pandora, Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody, and so forth) using any iOS device or Android smartphone as a remote. The ConnectAmp has a line- heft, which is particularly useful for connecting a television or DVD player.


You will need to have separate speakers and a tablet or smartphone. The Sonos ConnectAmp does not support iTunes Match. While it can wirelessly interact with other Sonos products, you will need a hard- wired connection or the$ 49 wireless Sonos Bridge accessory if it’s your only Sonos element.


The Sonos ConnectAmp is an excellent streaming- audio result for sound- quality sticklers who prefer to supply their own speakers.

While the Nexus Q will remain a doodad until Google can boost its point set, the competitive Sonos ConnectAmp feels like a real hi- fi system. From its solid figure to the simplicity of the stoner affiliate it’s commodity that the Nexus is not meliorated. It’s compatible with nearly every online music service on the request, and can also stream your particular digital- music collection.

But if you allowed the$ 30might want to hold on to commodity the ConnectAmp is two- thirds more precious.( Thankfully, Sonos also offers three other models– the Play3, the Play5, and the ampless Sonos Connect– at$ 299,$ 399, and$ 349, independently.) Yet, anyhow of the price, the Sonos ConnectAmp is a full- featured digital audio system with a lot to offer both casual druggies and serious audio suckers– especially if they are looking to ultimately make out a multiroom audio system.

The baby Connect( left) and the ConnectAmp both point volume controls on the front


Measuring3.5 elevation high,7.28 elevation wide, and8.15 elevation deep, the Sonos Connect Amp is larger than your average” small black box” media banderole similar as the or Apple TV.

The Sonos features a two- tone color scheme with an” anodized perfection-crafted extrusion aluminum case” nestled on a white plastic base. The5.1- pound box has some heft to it, and– unlike a lot of the flimsy plastic boxes you buy moment– the ConnectAmp feels really solid and well designed.

The frontal panel is about as minimalist as it gets Volume Up/ Down and Mute; everything additional( including spare volume controls) is controlled through an amp on your tablet or smartphone. There is no power button, since the Sonos is designed to remain in standby mode at all times.

Close- up on the Sonos ConnectAmp( filmland)


The ConnectAmp was formerly known as the ZonePlayer ZP120, and was renamed when the Play3 came on. While the ZP120 was originally offered as part of the BU250 Pack, that package is no longer available, not least because the CR200 touch- screen regulator has been put to pasturage. The company rather offers free control apps for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS bias. In other words, nearly any smartphone or tablet– including iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, Kindle Fires, and all newer Android phones– can double as the remote.

The PC app hasn’t changed much in the once many times, but the number of services has grown dramatically.

Sarah Tew/ CNET

The ConnectAmp is a rare product in that it’s part music banderole and part amplifier. When I say rare, I mean there are a couple of products sonos connect like it, but utmost are hideously precious music waiters,or.ahem.the forenamed Google NexusQ. Whereas the Nexus Q has a 25W amplifier, the ConnectAmp features a important mesomorphic 55W- per- channel affair.

Obviously, the erected- in amp means that it’s over to you to supply your own( unpowered) speakers. You could go for commodity like Dayton Audio B652s, or step up from there.

still, might I suggest the ampless Sonos Connect($ 349), If you have an being stereo or home theater system and you are looking to add streaming to it. Alternately, you can go the each- by- one route with the Play5 and Play3, both of which have erected- in speakers.

The Sonos ConnectAmp offers a plethora of connections, including line- heft.

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One point offered by the Connects and that the each- by- one Play3 and Play5 systems warrant is audio inputs. The ConnectAmp has a single stereo RCA input that can be used to connect an external audio device– maybe a turntable or an iPod wharf.

For speaker connections, the sonos connect includes solid, spring- loaded speaker jacks at the reverse for connecting banana entrapments or bare cables– though not spades.

Last in the list of connections is the subwoofer- eschewal, which can be used to connect to a third- party subwoofer. Or you can conclude to go with the wireless Sonos Sub rathr.

One point I kept wishing for while using the sonos connect was an IR harborage

Generally in order sonos connect to mute the system. rather, you will either need to unleash your phone and launch the Sonos app, bobble up your PC, or eventually– heaven prohibit!– walk over and press the Mute switch.


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