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Are you struggling to navigate the envoy system in Civilization 6? Look no further! This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of sending envoys in Civ 6, allowing you to maximize your diplomatic influence.

Learn the strategic placement of envoys and discover tips and tricks to master this crucial aspect of the game. With our help, you’ll become an envoy-sending expert in no time.

Let’s get started!

Understanding the Envoy System in Civilization 6

The envoy system in Civ 6 allows you to gain influence with city-states. By sending envoys to different city-states, you can strengthen your relationship with them and reap various benefits.

To send an envoy, you need to accumulate a certain number of points, which can be earned through fulfilling city-state quests, constructing certain buildings, or adopting specific policies. Once you have enough points, you can send an envoy to a city-state of your choice.

The more envoys you send to a particular city-state, the stronger your influence becomes, unlocking additional bonuses and rewards. However, keep in mind that other civilizations can also send envoys, so you must stay vigilant and ensure that you maintain your influence over the city-states to reap the maximum benefits.

The kind of bonus provided depends on the type of City-State Envoys are being sent to.

The Envoy is a diplomatic representative of your civilization that acts as your agent in city-states that you’ve met.

Declaring war automatically cancels the trade route, and the trader will be back in the origin city it started from.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sending Envoys in Civ 6

To send an envoy in Civ 6, you need to follow these steps:

• First, you need to earn envoys by various means, such as completing civics, fulfilling city-state quests, using certain policies or great people, or building certain wonders.

• Next, you need to open the city-states tab by clicking on the button with a star icon at the top right corner of the screen.

• Then, you need to select the city-state you want to send an envoy to from the list of available options. You can see their type, location, suzerain, and bonuses on the left side of the tab.

• Finally, you need to click on the plus or minus buttons next to the envoy count on the right side of the tab. You can send as many envoys as you have available, but you can also remove them if you want to change your target.

If you’ve sent them 3 or more, you *also* get bonus science in each Campus.

Maximizing Diplomatic Influence Through Envoys

Make sure you allocate your envoys strategically to maximize your diplomatic influence.

In Civilization 6, envoys play a crucial role in establishing relationships with city-states and gaining their favor. By carefully choosing where to send your envoys, you can wield significant influence and reap the benefits that come with it.

First, focus on sending envoys to city-states that provide unique bonuses that align with your overall strategy. For instance, if you’re pursuing a military victory, sending envoys to militaristic city-states will grant you extra units or resources.

Additionally, keep an eye on the competition and adjust your envoy allocation accordingly. If another civilization is close to becoming the Suzerain of a city-state, consider diverting your envoys to prevent them from gaining too much influence.

Special, Non-Playable Empire

In this case you cannot infiltrate (or any other meaningful interaction) them because they are a Fallen Empire, a type of special, non-playable empire.

These are one of the rarest and underdeveloped city-states in Civilization VI, but can be fruitful towards empire growth!

Each one of these states will have a different bonus they provide, capable of making your empire stronger.

Strategic Placement of Envoys in Civilization 6

Strategically allocating your envoys in Civilization 6 can greatly enhance your diplomatic influence and open up a world of opportunities. By sending envoys to city-states, you can increase your standing with them and gain various benefits.

When deciding where to send your envoys, consider the bonuses each city-state offers. For example, if you need additional science or culture, send envoys to city-states that provide those bonuses. Additionally, consider the city-states’ relationships with other civilizations. If a city-state is allied with your rival, sending envoys there can help tip the balance in your favor.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the number of envoys other civilizations have in each city-state. By strategically placing your envoys, you can maximize your diplomatic influence and gain the upper hand in Civilization 6.

The Owls of Minerva Discovered when you send an envoy to a city-state One additional economic policy slot Bonus envoys from trade routes to city-states.

Click the arrow to the right of the current number of Envoys to assign additional Envoys, and then click the green button to confirm the assignment (s).

Specialty District

If you want to grow and develop a city, you will want to send a domestic trade with the highest food and production route to that city.

These categories determine what kinds of bonuses they provide to those that send them Envoys and are their Suzerains. 1 Envoy: +2 Culture in the Capital 3 Envoys: +2 Culture in every Theatre Square district 6 Envoys: Additional +2 Culture in every Theatre Square district Name Suzerain Bonus Antananarivo Your Civilization gains +2% Culture for each Great Person it has ever earned Kumasi Your Trade Routes to any City-State provide +2 Culture and +1 Gold for every specialty district in the origin city.

Tips and Tricks for Sending Envoy in Civ 6

When deciding where to allocate your envoys in Civilization 6, consider the bonuses and relationships of city-states.

City-states offer various bonuses that can greatly benefit your civilization. For example, some city-states provide additional science, culture, or military units. By sending envoys to these city-states, you can maximize these bonuses and gain a significant advantage in the game.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the relationships you have with different city-states. Building positive relationships with city-states can result in increased bonuses, such as increased influence or reduced warmongering penalties. On the other hand, negative relationships can lead to decreased bonuses or even declare war on your civilization.

Buenos Aires, Your Bonus resources behave like a Luxury resource and provide +1 Amenity per type.

Therefore, carefully assess the bonuses and relationships of city-states before allocating your envoys to ensure the most beneficial outcome for your civilization.

As you progress, you’ll unlock new civics that grant envoy bonuses.

As the suzerain, they will gain exclusive benefits such as additional resources or units, giving them an advantage in the game.

Creating alliances isn’t just about who has the biggest army or most advanced technology – it also heavily relies on smart use of envoys.

For example, if you’re aiming for a scientific victory, concentrate your envoys on scientific city-states like Geneva or Hattusa.

Understand envoy benefits: The more envoys you have in a city-state, the more power you have over it.

Horizontal Button

Here is w To Send Envoy CIV 6: On the right corner of your your screen, you will see three horizontal buttons, press the middle button to see the City-State.

Envoys are earned with influence points which are gained in numerous ways throughout the game, Governments and policies are the primary sources of influence points.

Here’s a quick comparison: Strategy Benefit Policies like Charismatic Leader & Diplomatic League Gives Extra Envoy/Envoys per Turn Completing City-State Quests Rewards Additional Envoys Don’t forget that advancing in eras also awards extra envoys.

The key sources of influence points are governments and policies.

There’s little that can be said outside of the fact these city-states provide massive amounts of units to levy.

Valletta, City centre buildings and Encampment district buildings can be bought with Faith.

Finally, at level four, there’s access to corporate libertarianism, digital democracies, and synthetic technocracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Recall or Change the Envoy’s Destination Once I Have Sent Them?
No, you cannot recall or change the destination of an envoy once you have sent them in Civ 6. So, choose wisely and strategize before sending them to ensure you maximize your benefits.

How Many Envoys Can I Send to a City-State at Once?
You can send multiple envoys to a city-state at once. The number of envoys you can send depends on your diplomatic policy and the level of influence you have with that city-state.

What Happens if Another Civilization Sends More Envoys to a City-State Than Me?
If another civilization sends more envoys to a city-state than you, they will become its Suzerain. This means they’ll gain additional bonuses and benefits from that city-state. Meanwhile, you won’t receive any of these advantages.

Can I Send Envoys to My Own Cities in Civilization 6?
Yes, you can send envoys to your own cities in Civilization 6. By doing so, you can unlock various bonuses and benefits for your own cities. These include increased yields and unique abilities.

How To Get A Cultural Victory?
Despite not being the most straightforward way to win in Civilization 6, winning by a cultural victory in the game provides its own kind of satisfaction and challenge.

Are There Any Technologies or Policies That Can Enhance the Envoy System in the Game?
Yes, there are technologies and policies in Civ 6 that can enhance the envoy system. These technologies and policies allow you to gain more envoys, increase the bonuses they provide, and even grant additional benefits.


So there you have it! Sending envoys in Civilization 6 is a crucial aspect of the game that can greatly impact your diplomatic influence.

By understanding the envoy system and strategically placing your envoys, you can maximize your chances of success.

Remember to prioritize city-states that offer the most benefits to your civilization and use your envoys wisely.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master diplomat in Civ 6.

The policy of your civilization is one way – certain policies like Charismatic Leader and Diplomatic League can provide you with a steady supply of envoys.

Happy gaming!

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