How To Change Songs On Airpods Pro

Are you tired of fumbling with your phone to change songs while using your Airpods Pro? Well, look no further! In this article, we’ll show you how to effortlessly switch to the next song using your Airpods Pro.

AirPods Pro have great features like noise cancellation and a Transparency mode with an in-ear design.

Although it can be a little confusing if you have upgraded your AirPods and you need to learn new controls, the methods outlined in this article will skip songs regardless of whether you are using Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or another streaming app.

With just a few simple taps, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite tunc es without any interruptions. So, grab your Airpods Pro and get ready to take control of your music like never before!

Pairing Your Airpods Pro With Your Device

To pair your Airpods Pro with your device, simply open the Airpods case near your device and follow the on-screen instructions.

First, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your device. Then, open the lid of the Airpods case. A prompt should appear on your device’s screen, asking if you want to connect to the Airpods.

The double-tap feature allows users to quickly skip between tracks or access Siri without having to take out their device.

Tap on the ‘Connect’ button to proceed. If you’re using an iPhone, you will also have the option to automatically pair your Airpods with all of your Apple devices that are signed in to the same iCloud account.

This means that once you’ve paired your Airpods Pro with one Apple device, they will automatically be available to use with your other devices as well.

Understanding the Touch Controls on Your Airpods Pro

Explore the touch controls on your Airpods Pro to easily navigate through your favorite tunes. With these convenient controls, you can effortlessly skip to the next song or go back to the previous one without even taking out your phone.

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To skip to the next track, simply double-tap on either of your AirPods. Want to go back to the previous song? Triple-tap on either AirPod to quickly jump back.

To play and pause audio, press the Touch control on the stem of an AirPod You can use Siri with your AirPods to ask questions and make phone calls.

If you want to pause or play your music, just press once on either of your AirPods. The touch controls on your AirPods Pro make it a breeze to manage your music on the go.

No more fumbling around with your devices – just tap and enjoy!

Built-in Force Sensor

You must have Siriset up and activeto use this method.[2]X Research sourceSay, “Hey Siri, skip this song.” Siri will skip the track.You can also ask Siri to pause, repeat, and turn up the volume. 1Wear your AirPods.There will be a built-in Force Sensor in the stem of the AirPods.Make sure your AirPods are paired to your device and fully charged. 2Play a song.You can use a music streaming service such as Apple Music, Spotify, or even YouTube. 3Double-tap the AirPod.You can use the left or right AirPod.Your AirPods will skip to the next song. 1 2Play a song.You can use a music streaming service such as Apple Music, Spotify, or even YouTube. 3Double-click the Digital Crown.This is the circular button at the top of the left ear.Your AirPods Max will skip to the next song.To skip back, press the Digital Crown three times.To pause your audio, press the Digital Crown once.

Changing to the Next Song Using Your Airpods Pro

Double-tap either of your AirPods to effortlessly move on to the next track. With this simple gesture, you can seamlessly change songs while on the go.

If you’re using the basic 1st or 2nd generation AirPods, you’ll only be able to alter the double-tap settings.

Whether you’re out for a run or immersed in your favorite playlist, the AirPods Pro makes it easy to control your music without reaching for your phone. The touch controls on your AirPods Pro give you the power to skip to the next track with just a tap. No need to fumble with buttons or cables.

Simply double-tap either AirPod and enjoy the smooth transition to your next favorite song. This intuitive feature adds convenience to your listening experience, allowing you to stay in the groove without missing a beat.

Music Setting

Playing/pausing –Tap once on either stem to play/pause your current track Accessing Siri –Press and hold either earbud stem for two seconds; you can then use your voice commands like “Play [song name]” or “Skip this song” Music settings –Go into Settings > Bluetooth > Click on your AirPods Pro > Music Controls > Selections available include Play/Pause, Skip Backward/Forward, Volume Adjustment as well as Noise Cancellation Mode/ Transparency Mode For troubleshooting your AirPods Pro it is important to first check any settings that may be affecting their performance.

Double-Press The Force Sensor

Double-press the force sensor as shown. © The default method for controlling 3rd Generation AirPods and 1st Generation AirPods Pro is to press the force sensor on the stem of either AirPod.

This sensor is an indented section on the stems of your AirPods that is sensitive to pressure This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Rain Kengly.

Double-press the force sensor on the right or left AirPod to skip to the next track.

Going Back to the Previous Song With Your Airpods Pro

Switching to the previous track is as simple as tapping either of your AirPods Pro twice. When you’re listening to your favorite playlist or podcast and you realize you want to go back to the previous song, you don’t have to reach for your phone or music player.

With your AirPods Pro, you have the power to control your music with just a tap. Double-tapping either of your AirPods Pro will quickly take you back to the previous track. It’s a convenient and effortless way to navigate through your music library without any interruptions.

Adjusting the Volume on Your Airpods Pro

When you’re listening to music or a podcast with your AirPods Pro, you can easily adjust the volume by squeezing the stem of either earbud.

No need to reach for your phone or use voice commands – it’s as simple as a gentle pinch.

With this intuitive feature, you have complete control over the sound level without interrupting your listening experience.

Whether you want to crank up the volume to immerse yourself in a powerful beat or lower it to have a conversation with someone nearby, the AirPods Pro make it effortless.

Just tap on the More Info button next to your AirPods Pro and select which side you’d like to double-tap for Siri, playing or pausing audio content or skipping between tracks.

The responsive touch sensors on the stem allow you to make quick adjustments on the go, ensuring that every moment of your audio journey is precisely tailored to your preferences

Sound Quality

The AirPods Pro are Apple’s latest iteration of their wireless earbuds, featuring active noise cancellation, superior sound quality and a customizable fit.

Overall, with its superior sound quality and easy-to-use controls, the AirPods Pro make listening to music more enjoyable than ever before!

Default Setting

AirPods Pro let you control how much you hear your surroundings – To skip songs on your AirPods, you can use the double-tap action on the left or right earbud.. – Using double-tap to skip songs on your left or right Airpod may be the default setting, but if it’s not, you can set this action through your iPhone or iPad’s settings. – You can also turn off double-tap skipping of songs on your AirPods through your iOS device’s settings.. – Visit Business Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories.

Most generations by default will let you skip songs by double-tapping the AirPods.

To do so head to “Set-tings” on your iPhone and select Bluetooth, tapping your AirPods from the list of devices.

If you’re not sure how to do this, then refer to the instructions that came with them or look up instructions online for connecting a Bluetooth device on your mobile platform of choice.

The default setting for both AirPods and AirPods Pro is to double-tap one of your AirPods to skip the song that is currently playing When you’re wearing your AirPods (3rd generation), you can use the force sensor to play, pause, or skip audio playing on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Mac, or Apple TV..

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Check the Battery Level of My Airpods Pro?

To check the battery level of your AirPods Pro, simply open the charging case near your iPhone or iPad.

Can I Use My Airpods Pro With Multiple Devices Simultaneously?

Yes, you can use your AirPods Pro with multiple devices simultaneously. They have seamless switching capabilities, allowing you to easily switch between devices without any hassle.

What Is the Difference Between Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode on Airpods Pro?

To change songs on your AirPods Pro, simply double-tap the sensor on either earbud.
This will allow you to skip to the next track or go back to the previous one.

How Do I Update the Firmware of My Airpods Pro?

To update the firmware of your AirPods Pro, you’ll need to connect them to your iPhone or iPad.

How to Skip Songs with AirPods Pro & Change Skipping Settings?

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How to Change Song on AirPods Pro?

This can be a Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi connection such as when using an Apple device with AirPlay.

Can I Use Siri to Change Songs on My Airpods Pro?

Yes, you can use Siri to change songs on your AirPods Pro.


In conclusion, changing songs on your Airpods Pro is a breeze. By pairing them with your device and understanding the touch controls, you can easily navigate through your playlist.

Whether you want to skip to the next song or go back to the previous one, your Airpods Pro have got you covered. Plus, adjusting the volume is just a touch away.

With these simple steps, you can enjoy your music hassle-free with your Airpods Pro. So go ahead and rock out!

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